dimanche 3 août 2014

New project

I'm really excited about this new project.  This is a medieval ' keep warm pot'. That is, it keeps the contents of the pot warm, due to embers burning underneath. Sorry don't know the real terminology for it yet, shall write it in when I find out.
 It is lead glazed  on the outside in a very haphazard way.  I think this 'splash on effect' will be the most challenging part to re-making this pot.  The piece is wheel thrown with terra cotta earthernware clay and wood fired.
I will be using clay that I dug up from the Gazeille river, near to where I live and mixing it with some red earthenware clay.  The dug clay will lighten the red clay giving it a more natural look and also the grog in the dug clay will give the pot some strength; very much needed because of its usage.
The reproduction pot will be used for a stand for the reconstruction of medieval arms for the festival de Roi d'Oiseaux in Le Puy en Velay.

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